Thursday, January 15, 2015

”Size does matter”

Man säger ju ofta att storleken inte spelar någon roll. Men i vissa fall gör den det – i alla fall när det gäller knappnålar. Här ser ni hur mycket längre den är än de andra knappnålarna jag har.
They say often that size doesn't matter. But in some cases it does — at least when it comes to pins. Here you can see how much longer they are than the other pins I have. 

Nu har jag ett helt paket med långa knappnålar – 500 st för att vara exakt.
Now I have a whole package with long pins - 500 pieces to be exact.


  1. I agree with you about the size of pins. I keep long and shorter pins depending what I am using them for. To me the thickness of the pin is the most important. I bought some finer pins and they go into the fabric much smoother.

    1. I completely agree and also pins get dull over time.