Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sewing with yarn - 4

Nu börjar det det se ut som något. Jag sätter brodérbågen med röd filt i symaskinen och sen börjar det roliga.

Now it starts to look like something. I put the hoop with red felt in the sewing machine, and then the fun begins.


  1. Lotta - did you have the special Yarn Couching set, or are you just using the R foot for this? Actually, it looks like one of your metal feet in the photograph. (By the way, how was the cake? It looked delicious.)

    1. Pam the cake was delicious. I have used the Yarn couching set.I have in fact experimenting a lot to have the best way possible to let the yarn be caught by the thread. I also thing it depends on the yarn. / Lotta

  2. Thanks for the information, Lotta. I acquired the Yarn Couching set recently on an eBay sale (too cheap to leave behind) but haven't taken the time to use it yet. It is on my Must Do list though.